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Here is a little information that might help with choosing songs for your ceremony. In terms of songs/music you might like at the different stages there are lots of options.

Please also see below what I have been typically asked to sing and play recently at a Civil/Humanist/Spiritual Ceremony. You can mix around most of the pieces to different sections if you like and/or choose from my overall repertoire list.

The structure of a Civil/Spiritual/Humanist ceremony varies from couple to couple. Below are some ideas for your ceremony music. Typical song placement for the ceremony involves, but is not limited to:


I would play a selection of music that will compliment your chosen ceremony music as your guests arrive and are seated. (you don’t need to choose anything here, I will just play a selections of pieces)

Entrance (Choose 1):

Nella Fantasia (Sung and played)

How Long will I love you (Sung and played)

For the love of a Princess (Braveheart) (Instrumental)

A Thousand Years

1 or 2 optional songs, perhaps between 2 readings or before the vows:

Wild Mountain Thyme (Sung and Played)

She moved through the fair (Sung and Played)

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Sung and Played)

Fly me to the Moon (Sung and Played)

Lighting of the Candle (or other symbolism ceremony, as appropriate): Short inobtrusive background harp instrumental while the symbolism takes place

Signing of the Register (1 song or instrumental)

Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

She moved through the fair (Sung and Played)

All of Me – John Legend (Sung and Played)

Pachelbels Canon (Instrumental)


Recessional (Choose 1):

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Sung and Played)

Fly me to the Moon (Sung and Played)

Nella Fantasia (Sung and Played)

1000 Years (Sung and played)

Moon River

Can’t help falling in Love with you – Elvis Presley

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